Black Diamond Poker Open Tournament

Ignition Poker’s premier tournament series is the Black Diamond Poker Open. Since 2011, the BDPO has awarded millions in prize money and allowed players to take their bankrolls to the next level.


Over $3 Million Guaranteed

The Black Diamond Poker Open offers guaranteed prize pools exceeding $3 million. Where some sites distribute the bulk of the guarantees over a few selected events, the BDPO features guaranteed prizes in each event.

Low buy-in events have guarantees of at least $3,000, while regular buy-in events have guarantees of at least $10,000. In 2016, the Main Event had a massive $300,000 guaranteed in 2017 and it was easily met.


True Test of Poker Skill

If you’re looking to test your poker skills, this is the series for you. At least seven different poker variants are offered, including NL Omaha Hi-Lo.

In addition, there are many popular tournament variants offered, including knockout, shootout, heads-up, extra play and deep stack events.


Tournaments Appropriate for All Bankrolls

The BDPO has tournaments with buy-ins appropriate for all bankrolls. Buy-ins start from $16.50 and most are $200 and below.

Most events have a reduced buy-in version, costing just 20% of the standard fee. For example, if the NL Knockout event has a $200 buy-in, the mini version will cost just $40.


Soft Fields and Anonymous Tables

If you need another reason to play the BDPO, consider the advantage you’ll have playing at anonymous tables. Ignition Poker has anonymous tables for all games, which means you won’t have players tracking and analyzing your play. Because pro players want the advantage that comes from tracking and profiling their opponents, they typically pass on the BDPO, creating a softer field.

If you’re looking for a series with potential for a huge ROI, look no further.


How to Qualify for the BDPO

Qualifiers for the Black Diamond Poker Open start about a month prior to the first event. They’re available for as little as $2.20 and run daily.

To find available qualifiers, just to go Ignition Poker and select Satellites under the “Tournament Type” tab.


Grow Your Bankroll With the BDPO

Regardless of your skill or the style of poker you play, the BDPO offers numerous opportunities to grow your bankroll. You’ll find excellent value for your tournament buy-ins.

If you’re not already playing at Ignition Poker, what are you waiting for? Sign up and deposit today.