Play Online Poker Anonymously for Real Money at Ignition Casino

Anonymous Poker Tables Overview

When you login to play online poker on most sites, you pick a username and avatar and begin playing. Most players inaccurately believe that they are anonymously playing online poker.

The majority of online poker players are tracked either by players or third-party software. This tilts the advantage to professionals or those using tracking software. One way to put the odds back into your favor is by playing on anonymous poker tables.

If You Don’t Play Anonymously, You’re Being Tracked

On a standard online poker site, tracking software such as a HUD (Heads-Up Display) can be used to monitor and examine your play. If you play on multiple sites, there are some websites that will track your online history. These sites will tell others how much you play, whether you’re a winning play and even what style of poker you play.

Tracking tools give can give players an unfair advantage. Remember when Viktor “Isildur1” Blom came onto the poker scene? He won millions at high stakes games but a pair of pros started tracking his play and compiled a massive database of hands. They then analyzed that data and devised a strategy that resulted in Blom losing $4.2 million in a single day.

There’s also tracking software that some players can use on online poker sites that tells them how to play against you. The program looks at your style of play and the play of others at the table and gives the program owner stats on your play. Some programs will even recommend what moves to make in certain situations.

It doesn’t matter what stakes or style of poker you play as these programs are capable of tracking all forms of poker. That is unless you’re playing on anonymous tables.

How Anonymous Tables Protect You

Anonymous poker tables protect you in two ways. First, it makes it impossible for pros or experienced players to cherry pick or “bum hunt” tables. Many online poker sites will provide various data on tables such as Hands Per Hour and Average Pot Per Hour. They also show what players are at the tables. HUD programs can analyze these tables and allow players to pick tables full of fish.

Sites offering anonymous tables don’t display this data and simply allow you to pick the game, stakes and number of players. This prevents cherry picking of tables.

Next, Anonymous tables shield your true identity. Every time you play at a table, you’re assigned a new user ID. If you play on three tables, you have three different IDs. This prevents tracking and keeps others guessing as to your style of play.

Play Online Poker Incognito With Anonymous Tables

If you’re looking to play online poker anonymously or you’re looking to level the playing field, then anonymous tables are the way to go. Ignition Poker is a perfect place to play online poker as they offer anonymous tables for all their games. One key to winning poker is to keep your opponents guessing and there’s no more efficient way to do so than with anonymous tables.